#7 Income Tax Filing for Form BE of YA 2019 [English] [For Serious Bosses]

Disclaimer: this should not serve as your ultimate guideline in filling up your Form BE of YA 2019. Please also refer to LHDN's official website and their explanatory note 2019 for more information.

This is to share some differences on Form BE of Year of Assessment ("YA") 2019 as compared to YA 2018. The differences are below:-

1. Entitled to claim incentive under section 127
If this is relevant to you (i.e. you probably have received approval letter from the Government before), then you are asked to give information on the incentive as below:
~ Approval number of incentive; and
~ Amount of exempt income.

2. Has financial account(s) at financial institution(s) outside Malaysia
You are asked to indicate whether you have financial account at financial institution outside Malaysia. E.g. if you have a saving account with a bank in Singapore, then you should indicate "Yes".

3. Number of employment
You are asked to fill up how many employment(s)/ job(s) that you have during the YA. Below are a few examples:
Source: LHDN's explanatory note 2019 (Click to enlarge)

4. Net deposit in Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional
Amount for this tax relief is now maximum RM8,000 (previously was maximum RM6,000) for YA 2019 and YA 2020.

5. Life insurance and EPF
For pensionable public servants, amount for this tax relief is maximum RM7,000 for life insurance only.

For other employees, previously was maximum RM7,000 combined. From YA 2019, they are split as below:
~ Maximum RM3,000 for life insurance premium; and
~ Maximum RM4,000 for contribution to EPF.

6. Departure levy for umrah travel/ religious travel for other religions ... Number of trips
From YA 2019, amount of departure levy for umrah travel/ religious travel for other religions paid during the YA can be claimed as income tax rebate. This is limited to maximum 2 trips in a lifetime.

Last but not least, file your Form BE of YA 2019 before due date, i.e. 30 April 2020.